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General FAQs

What is the IrriGUIDE Adapter?

The IrriGUIDE Adapter is a simple universal retrofit adapter for any dental implant surgical guide system allowing saline to flow through the guide directly irrigating and cooling the implant osteotomy below a critical temperature threshold.

How does the IrriGUIDE Adapter work?

Attaching the IrriGuide Adapter to a surgical guide allows the irrigation tubing from the implant drilling unit to attach directly to the surgical guide.

Does the IrriGUIDE Adapter require a separate pump or saline source?

No, the IrriGUIDE Adapter uses the irrigation pump, saline reservoir, and tubing from an existing implant drilling unit.

Is the IrriGUIDE safe for both patients and dental professionals?

Yes, the IrriGUIDE is designed with safety in mind and meets industry standards for patient and operator safety.

Is there a warranty for the IrriGUIDE Adapter?

Yes, the IrriGUIDE comes with a warranty that covers manufacturing defects. If there is a problem with any of them, they will be promptly replaced.

Implant Healing FAQs

Why is maintaining a cool surgical site important during a dental implant procedure?

A cool environment minimizes the risk of tissue damage and implant overheating, promoting better osseointegration and reducing implant failure rates.

What is the critical threshold temperature of bone?

The critical threshold temperature of bone is 47 °C. Drilling an osteotomy which causes the temperature to exceed 47 °C results in bone necrosis.

What will happen to the implant if the bone temperature exceeds the critical threshold?

There is increased risk for implant failure or the implant is predisposed to peri-implantitis and esthetic compromise.

Are there any clinical studies or case reports available supporting the effectiveness of the IrriGUIDE Adapter?

Yes, there are multiple scientific references available supporting the benefits of direct irrigation through a surgical guide. Click here for a scientific reference list.

Compatibility FAQs

Is the IrriGUIDE compatible with all dental implant system surgical guides?

Yes, the IrriGUIDE Adapter is universal and compatible with any dental implant system whether they utilize keys or sleeves.

Is the IrriGUIDE adapter only compatible with a tooth supported guide?

No, the IrriGUIDE Adapter can be used with any tooth, tissue, or bone supported guide fabricated from acrylic or resin.

Can the IrriGUIDE be used in surgical guides for single and multiple implant placement?

Yes, the IrriGUIDE Adapter is versatile and can be used for both single and multiple implant placement.

Assembly FAQs

Is the IrriGUIDE easy to assemble?

Yes, the IrriGUIDE is user-friendly and the starter kit comes with clear instructions, IrriGUIDE drill bits and cyanoacrylate glue. Everything you need for assembly.

Can any glue be used to assemble the IrriGUIDE Adapter?

No, a cyanoacrylate glue (i.e. super glue) must be used.

Can I use any dental lab bur to create the hole for the IrriGUIDE Adapter?

No, the IrriGUIDE Seating Bur must be used as it has been developed to create a perfectly sized hole to match the IrriGUIDE Adapter.

What if there is not enough width of material in the surgical guide under the guide tube to drill a hole?

If a hole can not be created through the surgical guide due to a lack of width of guide material, utilize the alternate assembly protocol found on the how-to page.

Will the IrriGUIDE Adapter interfere with the guide keys?

No, The IrriGUIDE Adapter can be rotated freely to avoid interference with guide key handles.

How long will it take to assemble the IrriGUIDE Adapter?

The assembly of the IrriGUIDE Adapter should take less than 5 minutes.

Is the irrigation tubing easy to attach to the IrriGUIDE Adapter?

Yes, in leiu of attaching the irrigation tubing from the implant drilling unit to the handpiece, it will be attached to the stainless steel tube on the IrriGUIDE Adapter.

What if I do not want to assemble the IrriGUIDE Adapter myself?

Contact IrriGUIDE partner laboratories who will install the IrriGUIDE Adapter with the fabrication of the surgical guide. Click here to find an IrriGUIDE partner laboratory.

Can the IrriGUIDE Adapter be reused?

No, once the IrriGUIDE adapter is assembled, it can not be removed and reused.

Pricing & Availability FAQs

Where can I purchase the IrriGUIDE?

The IrriGUIDE is available through our official website, partner dental laboratories, and authorized distributors. Contact our sales team at 847-952-4608 for assistance or email

Can I purchase the IrriGUIDE Adapter in bulk?

Yes, contact our sales team or authorized distributors for specific details.

Is the IrriGUIDE Adapter available internationally?

Yes, the  IrriGUIDE is available for purchase internationally, subject to local regulations.