How IrriGUIDE Works

The IrriGUIDE Adapter ensures direct irrigation to the implant osteotomy site when using surgical guides.

  • Maintaining bone temperature below 47 degrees Celsius during implant osteotomy preparation is crucial to prevent necrosis. To prevent overheating, implant surgeons will irrigate the osteotomy with saline during preparation. However, a challenge arises when surgical guides are used as they can obstruct the saline irrigation from reaching the osteotomy.

  • The IrriGUIDE Adapter is a simple device which attaches to any surgical guide, ensuring continuous direct water flow to the osteotomy site. Simply assemble the IrriGUIDE Adapter to the surgical guide, attach the irrigation tubing, and feel confident that the osteotomy site will remain cool.

  • Step 1: Drill

    Drill a hole through the side of the surgical guide with the IrriGuide Seating Bur.

  • Step 2: Place

    Place the IrriGuide adapter into the hole and rotate to the desired orientation.

  • Step 3: Set

    Place a drop of cyanoacrylate glue onto the joint between the IrriGuide adapter and the surgical guide. Allow to set completely. (See Tech Data Sheet for details).

  • Step 4: Trim

    Trim any excess IrriGuide material from the inner aspect of the surgical guide using the IrriGuide Trimming Bur.

  • Step 5: Attach

    Attach the irrigation tubing from the drilling unit to the IrriGUIDE adapter.